Welcome to The Global Coral Repository

Increasing awareness of the current threats facing our coral reefs is urging leaders and nations worldwide to take decisive steps to restore our most complex marine ecosystem. By safeguarding coral reefs, we not only preserve coastal zone protection, but also the habitat of one of the world’s most important protein food sources and the income and stability derived from fisheries and more recently tourism that hundreds of millions of people around the world rely on.

The Global Coral Repository (TGCR) has developed award winning technology that enables us to restore coral reefs globally and preserve the planet’s entire stock of coral biodiversity for future generations.


The Global Coral Repository would like to thank contributing photographers; John Chapman and Wayan Sila from �World Diving Lembongan�, Natasha Pisani TGCR, Craig Downs TGCR, C. Mc Coy DOE.