About Us

The Global Coral Repository’s mission is to restore degraded and destroyed reefs across the world; our primary purpose is one of environmental restoration. It will do this through the accomplishment of four objectives;

(1) Cryo-preserve and archive every coral species on the planet, as well as important regional and local genotypes.
(2) Identify the factors and their sources that caused the coral reef decline in generalised regions as well as specific localities.
(3) Work with local, regional, and national governments, non-governmental organisation, and interested stakeholders in mitigating the activities that impacts coral reefs.
(4) Using cryo-archived samples from regional repositories, propagate and restore degraded coral reefs once water quality has returned to levels productive to coral sustainability.

The Global Coral Repository was a formed as a partnership among three organisations: Haereticus Environmental Laboratory, Zoological Society of London, and Oxford University. Each organisation contributes its strength to the success of The Global Coral Repository.