Scientists at GCR publish research on light stress and heat stress on coral bleached reefs

This scientific paper, regarding how light stress and heat stress induce different injuries in corals that undergo coral bleaching, will help scientists understand and predict consequences to coral reefs in response to climate change events. This paper was co-authored by scientists from Scotland, Israel, the University of Hawaii, the University of Central Florida, Florida State University, and the U.S. federal government.


Day in the life of a scientist

Tim Grollimund spends a day with Dr. Craig Downs, the leading organizer of TGCR, and a prolific researcher on reef ecology, from the Keys to Micronesia. Learn more about the three phases of the process: Investigation, Mitigation and Restoration.


Declining coral communities U.S. Virgin Islands

The Global Coral Repository (TGCR) recently conducted studies on declining coral communities in St John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Results of the study support the argument for the importance of local factors contributing to regional coral reef declines and remind us that not all forces impacting coral are global.


State of the Ocean: An Overview

Dr Alex Rogers speaks about the shocking state of the oceans and the triple threat that they face due to ocean acidification, overfishing and anthropogenic pollution which is leading to the fastest decline in biodiversity since the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

A Look Into the Ocean’s Future

Yet more grim reality as what our Oceans face. Action must take place now not tomorrow!

A Look Into the Ocean’s Future

A new report by a coalition of marine scientists concludes that the oceans are approaching irreversible, potentially catastrophic change.