Alex Rogers, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor

Alex is a Professor of Conservation Biology at the Department of Zoology and a Fellow of Somerville College, University of Oxford. He obtained his first degree in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool and a Ph.D. in the genetics and taxonomy of marine invertebrates also at Liverpool. In his early career Alex held Research Fellowships at the Marine Biological Association, Plymouth and at the University of Southampton’s National Oceanography Centre. Since then he has lead the Core Programme on Biodiversity at British Antarctic Survey and then moved to the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, where he became a reader in marine ecology.

Alex is currently a Commissioner for the International Commission on Land Use Change and Ecosystems for the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE International). He has recently been the Chair of the SCOR Technology Panel on New Technologies for Observing Marine Life and is a UK representative on InterRidge Steering Committee. Alex is the Marine Invertebrate Red List Authority for the IUCN Red List (Species Survival Commission) and is also member of the Marine Conservation Sub-Committee and Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee of the SSC. Alex is also the Scientific Director of the International Programme on State of the Ocean (IPSO).