The Global Coral RepositoryJustin Grabel (Credabel)
Director of Coral Culture

Justin Credabel was born and raised in New London, CT.

Justin received Connecticut’s first marine ornamental aquaculture permit for his Sea Grant funded research project at UCONN, Avery Point, using bio-remediation and co-culture to rear several commercially important marine ornamental species, including macroalgae, corals, crustaceans and snails as well as artificial live rock.

While Resident Scholar at the Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut, Justin developed grafting and fusion techniques in Scleractinia hard coral, and Zoanthid colonial anemones, established hard and soft coral clone lines from micro-cultured sub-planulae sized asexual cuttings, and developed protocols for hydrogen peroxide treatment of coral and other cnidarians for the treatment of bacterial and protozoal diseases and removal of undesirable algae. Justin also co-wrote the curriculum with department head Denise Swaitek for high school Environmental Science and Environmental Science 101 for Magnet High and Mitchell College students, as well as integrated the courses in Connecticut’s Career Pathways college program. Students receive college credit through Mitchell College and the Connecticut University system. Justin also developed after school and summer programs for Junior High and High School students on marine science and coral aquaculture.

Justin moved with his wife and two daughters to Los Angeles where he is developing an industrial scale coral farm and commercial lines of captive grown coral, including the species in the genus Goniopora, whose captive care requirements Justin discovered and published about in 2005. Justin also produces many other species of coral, from commodity type species to high end, rare coral, including fused coral art. Justin is also a musician as well as an author and public speaker on coral related topics.